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Our clients include

A D Calverts

Albion Stone

Alfred McAlpine

APS Masonry

Burington Slate

Chicksgrove Quarry

Cumbrian Stone


D Gillson & Son

Drings Stone

Fairhurst Stone

Hutton Stone

Johnson Wellfield Quarries

M & M Stone


Russell Stone

Stanleys Quarry


Heading Machine & Bridge Saw for Slate - Burlington Slate
We worked closely with the customer to design and supply two seperate systems for maximising the processing of small blocks that would otherwise be waste.
We analysed a solution to saw strips into fixed and random lengths. We provided a Ø1200 Automatic Heading Machine which has a special programme to quickly select different sizes 'on the fly'. We also designed a special tilting conveyor at the end of the line to enable large cut blocks to be stood up so the operator can hand spilt the slate on it's natural clevage.
We also supplied a Ø1400 Automatic Bridge Saw that is equipped with a special laser measuring device that allows the operator to quickly postion where the random and dimensioned cuts are to be made in the numerous small blocks which are loaded onto two independant block trolleys. Due to the nature of the slate being cut the customer asked us to intergate an amp control system which regulates the feed rate during sawing.


Block Cutter & Automatic Unloader for Sandstone Paving - D Gillsons & Son
After 18 years of production our client decided to replace his existing Ø1600 Block Cutter for a new Bombieri & Venturi Block Cutter. This new Block Cutter can me used with either a single Ø1600 Blade or up to 4No Ø1600 which can be spaced at 50 or 75mm spacing.

We also provided the AERO BV Automatic 'Robot' Unloader which can unload 500Kg strips safely from the block and stack them onto pallets. This removes the need for the operator to stand near to the machine.

Water Treament Plant for 700 l/min - Hutton Stone

Walling Production - Ennstone

Tile Production for Limestone - Stanleys Quarry

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