Officine Meccaniche BOMBIERI & VENTURI have been leading manufacturers of marble and granite processing machines since 1960.

Enduring success is based on quality uninterrupted research, and constant willingness to meet all the market needs of each single customer.

Since then we have never ceased to design with enthusiasm according to the very latest technological innovations.

Success has now placed our company at the very top levels of the international market.

More than thirty agents throughout the world serve customers with expertise and with the indispensable warm human ties that characterize the company's philosophy.

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  • FBV/1400-1600-2000-2200 Automatic Bridge Saw

  • FBV/700-450MG Automatic Bridge Saw

  • FTBV/1200-900MG Automatic Bridge Saw

  • FGBV/900-450MG Automatic Bridge Saw

  • FSBV/500 Bridge Saw

  • SDE600/2H Automatic End Dresser

  • SSA1200-80T Automatic Stone Splitter

  • SDA200/2H Automatic Dressing Machine

  • TBV/1300-1600 M Block Cutter

  • TBV/1600-4 MG

  • CABV/500-600 M

  • IBV/300