The Marchetti family has been producing tie-rods and tensioners for over fifty years and since then has not stopped offering its customers just precision mechanics. The company was founded in Carrara by a legacy created in 1967 by Mr. Cesare Marchetti and Mrs. Lucilla Chiomento, those who were able to bring the company to the top of the category. Since then Officine Marchetti continues to innovate and invest through high quality Made in Italy products, in order to put themselves at the service of the most prestigious manufacturers of gang saw in the world. During 2017, the generational change took place, through which Arianna Marchetti became the sole shareholder and owner of the Marchetti Group. She has always distinguished herself for her dedication and ability to serve customers in a direct way, putting herself always at customer’s disposal. Right now, Arianna has started series of company changes and presented an investment plan to make the company more and more efficient and at the cutting edge.

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