BM Officine

The “BM” has been established on 1967 by the two brothers Giovanni and Rino Bastianello, on their birthplace in Montorso Vicentino.

The location of BM s.r.l. has always been in the industrial area of the North-East of Italy, in Montorso. The particular emotional bond of the owners to their origins has inspired the Logo and the name of the company.

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  • BM Super Monoblade

  • BM Kodiak 15-18 Evolution

  • BM Kodiak 20 Evolution

  • BM Kodiak 84 Evolution

  • BM Grizzly

  • BM Super 800 Monoblade

  • BM Monofil 1000

  • BM Monofil 2300

  • BM 15 Frame Saw

  • BM 30-40-50 Frame Saw

  • BM 70-80-100 Frame Saw

  • BM Maxfil