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BM40 Frame Saw

Water Treament Plant for 700 l/min – Hutton Stone

OMEC Water Treatment System          

Block Cutter & Automatic Unloader for Sandstone Paving – D Gillsons & Son

After 18 years of production our client decided to replace his existing Ø1600 Block Cutter for a new Bombieri & Venturi Block Cutter. This new Block Cutter can me used with either a single Ø1600 Blade or up to 4 No Ø1600 which can be spaced at 50 or 75mm spacing. We also provided the…

Heading Machine & Bridge Saw for Slate – Burlington Slate

We worked closely with the customer to design and supply two separate systems for maximising the processing of small blocks that would otherwise be waste. We analysed a solution to saw strips into fixed and random lengths. We provided a Ø1200 Automatic Heading Machine which has a special programme to quickly select different sizes ‘on…