Gantry Crane

The production of gantry cranes includes capacity and structures with different dimensions according to the requests and needs of the customer.

The gantry cranes are designed and manufactured in different types of structure, in order to ensure customers get the most use out of the place.

Therefore are realised gantry cranes lateral leaps in structures and crane type Half-crane, which have the particularity to move for a part sliding on the floor and the other on the upper part of the building by means of a special head fitted with wheel boxes motorized for longitudinal translation.

Officina Faedo also manufactures gantry Torsional cranes with structure with single beam and two legs to allow the load to turn 90 degrees near the lateral leaps.

The Torsional gantry cranes are particularly suitable for the company that work with long precast size.

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The translation is made through a group formed by wheel boxes and longherons. The wheel boxes are equipped with steel wheels mounted on bearings with direct coupling to a reducer coupled to an electric motor self- braking. The wheel boxes are equipped with a system that allows adjustment of the axis of translation of the machine, thus allowing to adapt the movement of the crane to the rails and ensuring ease of maintenance .

The motors of wheel boxes are usually driven by an electronic inverter applied to the system for multi- adjustment of departures and brake data; the application of the inverter system ensures a substantial lengthening of the life of the mechanical parts of the machine, a lower load swing and a lowering of the machine noise.


The hoisting trolley is made with steel pipes with big thick. The translation is made with steel wheels mounted on ball bearings, driven by a reduction gear to the direct clutch and self-braking electric motors.

On the frame is applied to a group of lifting gear with parallel axes of our construc-tion, fitted with gears in an oil bath mounted on bearings, or an epicycloidal reduction gear.

It is installed a special motor combined with a lifting rope drum threaded, and an electro-hydraulic brake flexible coupling to a large band.

On request it is possible to install an additional auxiliary hoist for lifting of loads of small size.


Officina Faedo offers the installation of a variety of optional on gantry crane as:

  • Auxiliary hoist: to be installed on the trolley of the crane, useful for lifting weights smaller than the capacity of the crane.
  • Remote control: allows you to control the system via a wireless control.
  • Weighing System: Allows you to determine the weight of the load.
  • Rolling up cable drum
  • Cover (of the entire crane).
  • System for parking of the crane against weathering exceptional: consists of a hy-draulic system, also operating in the case of interruption of the supply of electric current.


The company offers the service of galvanising the structure of the gantry crane.

The galvanising allows to substantially increase the life of the structure of the machine, making it indemnify to the weather conditions, especially for installations located in proximity of the sea zones.

The structure is galvanised both internally and externally by immersion according to the UNI EN ISO 1461.