BM Maxfil

The closed frame gang saw MAXFIL 800 installs 100 diamond blades to cut the marble strips.

Against the traditional block cutters, MAXFIL system guarantees:

  • Four times the production with a quarter of the electrical consumption.
  • More product recovery (m2) from a given block thanks to a narrower cutting width
  • MAXFIL: 4 mm against 9 mm of circular blade of the block cutters.
  • Reduced sawing cost (blade instead of disc).
  • Less material waste to dispose of.
  • Lower environmental noise pollution.
  • Possibility to cut flawed blocks that are usually waste or crushed.
  • Better environmental impact because of less waste of material.
  • Operator cost saving: the operator does not need to stay at the machine for all the 8 hours of work like the block cutter operation system, this because the MAXFIL works automatically, so the operator when the machine is working has the time to make some other activities.
  • Better working conditions of the operator, because the operator doesn’t stay all the time in a wet place, with a lot of pollution and noise.
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