FTBV/1200-900MG Automatic Bridge Saw

This machine allows to process (cut) slabs of marble and granite by means of a diamond disc cooled with water. The welded structure of the machine is at breast of technical progress and guarantees high steadiness, accuracy of working and absence of vibration.

All the water supply pipes, the nozzle and the disc casings are dimensioned in such a way that they guarantee the water flow for a good cooling of the disc during the processing phases, a good quality of the cut and a long tool life. The machine has been provided with lifting of fixing grommets.

They allow, together with ropes and lifting hooks, to lift the whole structure or the main components. The non-deformability of the parts is guaranteed during the unloading operation. The turning table is manually moved and it can be fixed with accuracy at every angular position, where it is possible to read the angular degree. The customer has to arrange for the working surface covering of the table.

The switch board is made of sheet steel, thickness mm 15/10, painted with RAL 7032 paint, IP55 protection level. The supplying unit is composed by a magnetothermic switch with shutter locking to avoid the opening of the switch board with tension. It can be restored after opening the shutter, in case of maintenance. To guarantee the operator’s safety, an insulation transformer is installed inside for voltage 380V and output 48V for all the driving mechanisms.

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  • table visualized angular rotation – precision 0,01
  • cut unit motor power at variable speed by means of an inverter kW 55
  • longitudinal movement motor power kW 1,1
  • transversal movement motor power kW 0,75
  • vertical disc up-down motor power kW 0,75
  • longitudinal useful cut mm 3500
  • transversal useful cut mm 3500
  • maximum cutting thickness mm 420
  • disc diameter mm min. 900 – max. 1200
  • maximum overall dimensions mm 5500×4300
  • 360° rotating table dimensions mm 3200×2000
  • “touch screen” multi-page graphic terminal to set a single measure
  • cable controlled emergency stop
  • water consumption l/min 120
  • air consumption at 6 bar l/min 10
  • total installed power kW 57,6